Teaching & Lessons

Option 1: Free Video Tutorials
I have a growing resource of free videos on various balloon animals which you can watch at any time, absolutely free. Click here to go to my video tutorials page or Subscribe to my Youtube channel. Cost: $0.

Option 2: Private lessons via webcam
Learn with Holly anytime and from anywhere in the world! These lessons are in real time. Learn from the comfort of your own home! Just turn on your computer and we are ready to go! Click here for more information. Cost: $75/hr.

Option 3: In Person Private Lessons
Yes I do house calls! If you live in the San Antonio area I can come to your location and teach you anything you want to know about making balloon animals! A basic starter kit of supplies you will need is included in the price! Kit includes a hand pump, markers and lots of balloons! Click here for more information and to schedule a class. Cost: $120/hr.

Option 4: Group Lessons
We can do group lessons too! This is a great way to entertain a group of older kids at a party or it also makes a great team building experience for corporate groups! You can purchase starter kits from us so that your team will have good quality materials to learn on. Learn more about Group Lessons

Pricing for Group Lessons:
2 - 10 people: $100/hr
10+ people: $150/hr
Starter Kits: $15/kit