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Interested in learning how to make your own balloon animals? Check out our video tutorials below! They are grouped in order of skill level, so if you're just starting out watch the beginner videos first and then you can move your way down the page to the other videos as you get better!

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  • In this video Holly goes over the most basic balloon animal, the 1 balloon dog. For this figure you'll need:

    • One 260 balloon, any color
    • Permanent or dry erase marker for eyes.
  • In this episode Holly show how with a slight modification you can turn a 1 balloon dog into a 1 balloon giraffe! Materials needed:

    • One 260 balloon, yellow
    • black dry erase marker v
  • Basic Teddy Bear Balloon

    In this episode Holly shares how to make a simple 2 balloon teddy bear. For this figure you'll need:

    • 1 260 balloon, color of your choice
    • 1 White 5" Round balloon
    • Black dry erase marker
  • How to make a simple and cute balloon elephant. To make this figure you'll need:
    • 1 Gray 260 balloon
    • 1 5" White Round balloon

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  • Balloon Animal Instructions

    Holly demonstrates how to make a super cute dog from 2 balloons and a couple of scraps!

    Materials Needed:
    2 260" balloons
    1 5" round
    Marker for eyes

  • Happy Tutorial Tuesday! In this video you'll learn how to make a simple and quick gun out of just 2 balloons! You can call it a tommy gun, machine gun, whatever you like! Always a hit at parties, especially with the boys. Have fun with this one and I hope you guys enjoy!

  • Balloon Penguin Instructions

    In this episode Holly demonstrates how to make our popular balloon penguin. To make this figure you will need:

    • 1 White 260 balloon
    • 1 Black 260 balloon
    • 1 Orange 260 balloon
    • black dry erase marker for eyes
    • scissors
  • In this video I'll show you how to make a pretty sweet Bumble Bee balloon! Uses all 260's, no bee body balloons simply cause I usually don't carry those around with me :D Pretty cute, fast and easy too!

    Thank you guys so much for watching!

  • Holly explains how to make a spooky cooky count Dracula balloon! What you'll need:

    • 2 black 260 balloons
    • 1 white 260 balloon
    • 1 red 260 scrap balloon piece
    • 1 lime green 5" round balloon
    • black dry erase marker (if drawing the face)
    • scissors
  • Here's another design for a Giraffe that I've recently started using.
    You will need:
    1 yellow 260
    1 mocha 260
    1 blush 5" round
    1 white 5" round

    Thank you guys so much for watching!

  • This is how I usually make dolphins. It's cute and pretty quick, I love it and I hope you like it too!

    uses 3 blue 260Q's, 1 white 260Q and 1 white 5" round

  • Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for all the nice messages you've been sending lately! Really makes my day! Here's a tutorial for a quick and cute duck balloon! Hope you like it! Thanks for watching!

  • Here's a quick and easy bunny that you can do in restaurants, line work and birthday parties.

    Material needed:
    3 260" balloons
    Scrap for nose
    marker for eyes

  • In this video I'll show you how to make a quick and easy cat out of two balloons and a scrap!

    Thank you guys so much for watching!

  • In this video I'll show you how to make a quick and easy horse/pony out of balloons! This can be done with just 2 balloons but I usually use more to add on extra details to make it more special. Hope you guys enjoy!

  • Hello everyone! In this video I share with you my version of a Ladybug balloon! I think she's pretty cute and I hope you do too! Balloons you'll need:

    1 6" heart red
    1 5" round white
    2 black 260's
    1 yellow 260

    Thank you guys so much for watching & commenting! Really makes my day!

  • This is how I usually make lions when at a birthday party or other event. He's pretty quick and really cute, just might take you a few times to get the head right but don't give up! You'll get it!

  • How to make a Princess out of Balloons! I use this design ALL the time, you can modify it to make just about any kind of princess you can imagine! Hope you find it useful!

  • Happy Tutorial Tuesday everyone! This week I show you how to make a princess kitty out of balloons. She is quick and easy and the girls always love her!

  • It's spring time in Texas and the Bluebonnets are out in full force this year! So inspiring, I had to make some bluebonnet balloons! These are pretty easy to make if you're good with pinch twists! Hope you guys like!

  • In this video I'll show you how I make a turtle out of balloons!

    You will need:
    2 green 260's
    1 brown 260
    1 white 5" round
    pink or red scrap

    Thank you all so much for supporting me and watching my videos!

  • Welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday! In this video I show you how to make a really quick and easy, cute and friendly monster! This design is a great base to use for all kinds of other creatures and characters! Change up the colors/details to create all different kinds of fun and interesting balloons! Hope you guys enjoy this video, I'll see you again next Tuesday!

  • It was a wet, rainy day when I filmed this so I figured why not make an umbrella balloon tutorial!? Every now and then I do actually get asked to make an umbrella so hey, you might even use this one day! Hope you guys enjoy!

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  • This is my version of a monkey climbing on a palm tree. Hope you guys like it!

  • Hey everyone! This is a video I recorded before I started doing Tutorial Tuesdays. Sorry for the bad lighting, I hope you still enjoy it! In this video I show you how to make a fairy out of balloons! Girls love this one!

  • Welcome to another Tutorial Tuesday (on Wednesday)! In this video I show you how to make a fun, easy, cute, and friendly hamster. This is a great design base to use for other small furry creatures as well! I Hope you enjoy this video and I'll see you again next Tuesday!

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  • July 4th Uncle Sam Balloon Hat

    In this video Holly shows you a new hat design that she came up with for this 4th of July - an Uncle Sam Hat! This hat is sure to be a show-stopper and a crowd pleaser, definitely attention getting! Impress all your customers, friends & family with this unique and patriotic 4th of July balloon hat!

    To make this balloon you will need:
    2 red 260Q's
    2 white 260Q's
    2 blue 260Q's

    Thank you guys for watching! Tune in next Tuesday for another tutorial from Holly!

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  • I have been getting A LOT of requests to make this animal, I hope you guys like it! Definitely not one of the easiest designs ever, but I think it's still quick enough that you could make it at parties etc. Let me know what you think!

    To make this balloon you will need:
    1 white 260Q
    2 black 260Q's
    1 white 5" round

  • Learn how to make an impressive and cute Race Car out of balloons!

    2 red 260's
    1 black 260
    1 white 260
    1 yellow 260