Harley Dad Inspires Young Entrepreneurship

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I can’t take all the credit for the success our company has seen. No, The Twister Sisters have grown from a vague idea into a thriving party entertainment business due to the help and creative prowess of several key people in my life. One person in particular is my father, Dale Figart. Some of you may know of him as Yoda, his road name when he goes on rides with his Harley group. He is a road captain and Webmaster for the Caliente Chapter of Harley dudes in San Antonio. He is currently on bike number two, having traded in his first Harley bike for a more comfortable riding Road King. The back seat on that thing is fantastic by the way! Our mom has also become quite the biker chic, often going on rides with my dad while sporting a jeweled helmet and bedazzled Harley jacket.

Today the Twister Sisters are known for creating some of the most unique and original balloon animals in the city of San Antonio. We’ve entertained at hundreds of parties from Austin to Corpus Christi and everywhere in between. One thing that helps us stand out from the rest are the amazingly detailed and large sculptures that we make before a party to surprise the birthday girl or boy with. For these gifts we’ve been known to make race cars, monkey cakes, superheroes and castles complete with princesses, usually something that will go along with the theme of the party.

Our dad has been instrumental in supporting and encouraging us in this business. The Twister Sisters isn’t my first entrepreneurial undertaking. When I was still in high school I remember remarking to my dad about how cool it would be to sell these funky light up necklaces that came in all different shapes. He told me that I could get a business permit along with a sales tax and use permit and be able to buy things at wholesale prices (read: cheap!) and sell them for more money! That sounded like a fantastic idea to me! He was the one that took me down to the courthouse and helped me register my first business name and he was the one who sat and waited with me to register my first sales tax permit. Mind you I was about 15 at the time, but he never once discouraged me or told me I was too young to be a business owner. Because of his encouragement, support and unconditional love I have accomplished many of my life goals and made many of my dreams a reality.

Now, ten years later I still have that original business, though the name and what we do has since changed to The Twister Sisters. Our dad was also the one who brought home our first balloon animal kit and I remember laughing my head off as we all struggled to figure out how to make the most basic of balloon dogs. My sister is actually the one who thought of our company name and we receive compliments on how clever it is all the time. We also get mixed up with The Twisted Sisters pretty often, but weren’t aware of who they were until people started asking if that’s where we derived our name from! I can assure you that we are very far from being an 80’s rock bank, anyone who’s heard me try to sing can vouch for that!

All in all our dad is a man we both admire and respect deeply and the fact that he rides around on a cool motorcycle, sometimes wearing leather chaps, just makes him that much cooler to us! Ride on Harley dads and keep inspiring young kids everywhere to follow their dreams!